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  • Route Tren de la Libertad

    The freedom route for many slaves crosses bridges, traverses tunnels and weaves its way through reeds: an odyssey of Afro-Ecuadorian culture

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    Route Tren de los Lagos

    Colonial tour cars and steam locomotive in the section Ibarra - Otavalo

  • Route Tren de los Volcanes

    Lush landscapes and ecosystems populated with an abundance of crops and cattle provide a lively and traditional welcome to this area.

  • Route Tren del Hielo I

    The Chimborazo volcano marks the peak of Ecuador’s Andean mountain range.

  • Route Tren del Hielo II

    A trip through classical Andean landscapes.

  • Route Sendero de los Ancestros

    The Andean landscape: a fusion of heritage and ancient indigenous traditions

  • Route Nariz del Diablo

    The train zigzags its way up and down the mountain side along a majestic piece of engineering.

  • Route Tren de la dulzura

    The Coastal region’s agricultural landscape is characterized by a mosaic of colorful fruits and plants that flourish at sea level. Throughout the trip you’ll enjoy a variety of adventure activities

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