A night in Guayaquil? Here’s what to do!

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Guayaquil is home to a lively nightlife. Dancing, strolling along the river, discovering the picturesque old town neighborhoods or eating crab are among the highlights… There is certainly plenty to choose from.


The Malecón 2000, also called Malecón Simón Bolívar, opens late, and even families walk about, play and make an evening of it past sundown… it is actually the best time to feel the Guayaquil breeze!


What to do

Take the pirate boat and tour the river, admire the Guayaquil skyline and relive one of the main Colonial means of transportation. It’s one of Guayaquil’s quintessential tourist experiences. If you’re with kids, don’t miss the playgrounds and the small amusement park. Check out the showtimes at the Malecón cinema, or if there are events taking place at the Eiffel-designed Mercado. Just walk and explore the spectacular tropical gardens and the beautifully-lit Torre Morisca, the city’s clock tower. And of course, don’t miss a ride on La Perla, the city’s very own “London Eye” ride on the riverfront.

Las Peñas

The obvious segue from Malecón is to walk up Las Peñas, the traditional neighborhood where the city was first founded, which you can visit via a picturesque 400+ stairway (each stair is numbered) that takes you to the city’s best panoramic view at the Farolito (little lighthouse). At the base of the hill, find what is probably Guayaquil’s quaintest, most romantic street, (Calle Nuna Pompillo Llona) with galleries, stores, and trendy places to grab a drink, which takes you to Puerto Santa Ana, a nice spot to catch the view of the river rolling sleepily by.


Zona Rosa

Just two blocks in from Malecón’s northern border, along Calle Montalvo, find Guayaquil’s entertainment district, chock full of bars, night clubs, cafés and lounges including salsa-dancing dive Cali Salsoteca, and a good after hour’s eating joint at La Culata (with great ceviches and coconut-based seafood dishes).


Malecón del Salado

At the end of Guayaquil’s main artery, Calle 9 de Octubre, we reach the beautiful linear park known as Malecón El Salado, an urban regeneration project that blends into the mangroves with restaurants, walkways, an amusement park and a colorful guitar-shaped fountain that “plays” music… you’ve got to see it to believe it!



One of the most attractive sectors of modern Guayaquil straddles Calle Victor Emilio Estrada, where restaurants of all kinds usually offer outdoor seating to feel the breeze and buzz of the busy streets, which on weekends can remain trafficked way past rush hour. For street dives galore, check out the nearby neighborhood of Miraflores.


For crab lovers

A favorite local nightly pastime in Guayaquil is to eat crab. Everyone is served a woodblock with a wooden hammer to break open the shell of the unique Guayaquil red crab species that roams the nearby mangroves. A true delicacy of the country, accompanied in tasty sauces, including garlic and coconut, and a savoir-faire that makes the meat juicy and tender… One of the most popular restaurants is La Pata Gorda (Av. Principal 116 y la calle Segunda) in Miraflores… (Miraflores is also home to other sites like Manny’s or Pepín) or Red Crab (Calle Víctor E. Estrada and Laureles) in Urdesa.

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