Tren Ecuador: Winner at World Responsible Tourism Awards 2016

Tren Ecuador and Lemon Tree Hotels, India have been announced as the joint-overall winners of the 2016 World Responsible Tourism Awards at WTM London sponsored by Belize in a special ceremony held during World Responsible Tourism Day at WTM in London.


Chosen from 13 worldwide finalists in five categories, the judges were unable to split the two overall-winners, commending both on the extent of the impacts they have had and their powerful potential to inspire real change within the tourism industry.


Tren Ecuador, which also took the Gold in the ‘Best for Poverty Reduction & Inclusion’ category sponsored by the Tobago Tourism Board, impressed for reversing the traditional approach of heritage and luxury train travel (a model where the guests remain cocooned on the train, isolated from the places they pass through) and instead creating shared value with local enterprises, creating 5000 livelihoods for local people in communities along the tracks. The third largest hotel chain in India, and the fastest-growing, Lemon Tree Hotels caught the judges’ attention in the ‘Best Accommodation for Responsible Employment’ category with their core programme to give opportunity-deprived Indians (those with a variety of physical and intellectual disabilities, and those from socially-excluded groups) a route into employment.


Speaking on behalf of the judging panel, an eminent collection of responsible tourism leaders from across the industry, NGOs and public organisations, Professor Harold Goodwin, Chair of Judges said:


“The judges hold Tren Ecuador up as an outstanding, holistic example of how all tours should be designed, and feel that if all tourism was planned in this way it would be very effective at making better places in which to live, as well as better places to visit.”


The potential these businesses have to inspire change is not lost on Justin Francis, founder of the Awards and CEO of organisers Responsible Travel.


“When I founded these awards in 2004 it was the aim to highlight what is possible to achieve through responsible tourism and hold the winners up as examples to be replicated by the wider tourism industry. Lemon Tree Hotels & Tren Ecuador show clearly how big corporations can adopt responsible tourism as a core part of their business, be commercially successful and deliver significant benefits for local communities. These businesses move a more responsible style of tourism into the mainstream. They are the future of tourism”.


Karen Bevans, Director of Tourism for the Awards headline sponsor, the Belize Tourism Board commented;


“The Belize Tourism Board has always valued and embraced the principles and pillars of responsible travel so it’s a real privilege to support and congratulate all the winners of this year’s awards. The opportunity to sponsor the awards has provided an important platform to highlight the importance of responsible travel globally and also to showcase Belize’s commitment to developing tourism in a way which reflects these principles. We hope that not only will the finalists inspire businesses in Belize to follow their example, but that they will help drive positive change in tourism globally”.

Tren Ecuador - Artesanos



We are pleased to introduce “Tren Ecuador Handicrafts Collection 2016”, available in the 14 Artisan Squares located in restored railway stations across the country.


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Operated by local entrepreneurs, our Café del Tren coffee shops offer the best of their local gastronomy with a touch of modern cuisine that turns even the most humble traditional dish into a culinary experience.


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