Meet Our Partners

When you travel with Tren Ecuador, you are not only reliving the history of the country on board a heritage train, you are also contributing to local economic development. Our local partners at 24 Cafes del tren 14 Artisans’ Squares and Two Tren Lodges offer Tren Ecuador-licensed tourist services with high quality and identity.

Cafés del Tren

Enjoy the best of Ecuador traditional cuisine in our 23 Cafes del Tren, the coffee shops in our historical train stations.


From tamales, humitas, quimbolitos, or empanadas to hearty traditional dishes such as fritada (braised pork) or hornado (roasted pork leg) and typical desserts, each Café offers a unique interpretation of its regional cuisine, all washed down with natural juices, and the best café and cocoa in the world.


Our Cafes are operated by local families or associations, and they undergo strict controls to ensure they offer the highest standards of service without losing their identity

Artisanal Squares

Over 100 artisans, carefully selected in their local communities along the railway showcase and sell their creations to tourists and locals in the 14 Artisans’ Squares located in the main railway stations.


Using different techniques and materials our artisans express their identity and sense of place through unique pieces.


When you buy a handcraft you not only contribute to supporting local economies, but also help preserve the memory and heritage of the Ecuadorian railway.

Train Lodges

Comfortable, fully-furnished and located in strategic locations so you can make the most of your Tren Ecuador experience. Both lodges can accommodate up to 14 people in shared rooms.


Sibambe: you can spend an unforgettable night under the shadow of the Devil’s Nose, while discovering the culture and traditions of the Puruhua people.


Urbina: The perfect starting point for exploring the Chimborazo area on foot, horseback or by bicycle.