Our Social Responsibility

Breaking with the traditional model of luxury train rides anchored in the past and isolated from the places they travel through, at Tren Ecuador we created our own model of social co-responsibility in the operation of our tours, in which local communities and natural heritage are at the heart of the experience.


Together with the license-holders of our 23 station-cafes, 14 artisanal squares, 13 local museums, 2 lodges, 9 folklore and historical recreation groups and several community-based tourism operations, Tren Ecuador’s big family of workers and strategic allies allows tourists to experience first- hand the rich natural and cultural heritage of Ecuador while creating value for local communities.


This network of TrenEcuador – associated enterprises creates and maintains more than 5000 jobs in local communities along the tracks. Operators of Tren Ecuador-associated facilities are carefully selected within the communities, and they receive technical support, training and fixed contracts compliant with fair-trade principles as suppliers for Tren Crucero or Expediciones. They also serve their communities as fully-licensed tourism companies.


We are fully committed to the principles of Sustainable Tourism and the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. All our managerial and promotional decisions are made ensuring that we contribute to the strengthening of local economies by sustainable use of the heritage associated to the historic railway we operate.


The involvement of local communities and their leading role in the product is the real innovation in this business model in which public, private and community-based actors are partnered as equals with a common goal, which is to create value by preserving and sharing the material and intangible heritage associated to the railway.


When you travel with us, grab a bite at Café del Tren of buy a souvenir in our Artisans’ Plaza, you are not just supporting local economies, you also become part of this dream come true. Find out how to support our local partners!



On board TrenEcuador you too can be a part of the movement, making Sustainable Tourism a tool for development.


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Tren Ecuador - Artesanos



We are pleased to introduce “Tren Ecuador Handicrafts Collection 2016”, available in the 14 Artisan Squares located in restored railway stations across the country.


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Tren Ecuador - Café del Tren



Operated by local entrepreneurs, our Café del Tren coffee shops offer the best of their local gastronomy with a touch of modern cuisine that turns even the most humble traditional dish into a culinary experience.


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