Mural recovery in Salinas de Ibarra

With the support of students and teachers of the Plastic Arts course of the Universidad Técnica del Norte, and the participation of members of the community and technicians of Tren Ecuador, on February 8, the process of restoration of the murals of the Community of Salinas de Ibarra begins, the final destination of the Tren de la Libertad.


The process takes place from February 8 to 14, forming part of the social responsibility strategy of Tren Ecuador, which has recently been awarded the Best Responsible Tourism Company prize at the World Responsible Tourism Awards in the November 2016 tourism fair in London.

The passengers of the Tren de la Libertad are received in Salinas ten-to-the-dozen, from Thursday to Sunday. After a visit to the Café del Tren and the Plaza Artesanal, community guides from Salinas accompany the tourists, using the murals to explain to them the story of the community of afro-descendants of Salinas and their relationship with the train since the middle of the last century.


Tourists can have lunch in some of the local businesses and explore the sights, the plaza and the church, and buy artisan crafts and food in local shops.

Tren Ecuador invites the media to experience for themselves, and spread the message, of this heart-warming collaboration between the university, community and the company, and to document the process of restoration of the colourful murals. What is more, on February 14, there will be a special day to mark the end of the restoration, that will finish with the presentation from Tren Ecuador recognising the work of the students, and a lunch made by the community. This event will begin at 11am at the Salinas Train Station. If you would like to document this event, or for more information, do not hesitate to contact us:
In Quito: Cristina Vega: cvega@ferrcarrilesdelecuador.gob.ec

Celular: 0999216765


In Ibarra: Mayra Maya: mmaya@ferrocarrilesdelecuador.gob.ec

Celular: 0991800174