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Nearly 200 years ago, German scientist Baron Alexander von Humboldt, explored South America. When he arrived at the Royal Audience of Quito in the Viceroyalty of Peru in 1812, the natural beauty of the place that would be known as Ecuador astonished him. The inter-Andean valley through which he traveled while exploring this area, formed by a branch of the Andes in two major mountain ranges: the Western Range and Eastern Range, allowed him to see up to 18 volcanoes, including two: the Cotopaxi which Humboldt saw in full eruption; and Chimborazo, a dormant volcano that he climbed and which is found in most Humboldt’s self-portraits. He was called the last “universal illustrated naturalist”. He named the area as “The Avenue of the Volcanoes”. Before his death, the Himalayas and other elevations of the Andes to the south had not been explored, which is why Humboldt stated that of all men, he was the one who had reached the highest when he climbed Chimborazo.


As the train travels through the valleys, the Central Mountains of Ecuador offer spectacular views of the Avenue of the Volcanoes, scenes of life outside the city in farms and estates, the relationship of people with their animals and crops, the chagras or Andean cowboys, forests, endless deserts, and curious characters of the Andes.

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Tren de los Volcanes

Quito – Boliche – Machachi – Quito


The adventure begins in Chimbacalle station, from where we depart to the “Avenue of the Volcanoes”. Pichincha, Atacazo, Pasochoa and La Viudita accompany the train on its route. The road descends through the jungle of Panzaleo…


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Tren de los Volcanes II

Ambato – Boliche – Ambato


Enjoy a unique train journey, from the valley of Ambato, nestled between the arms of the Eastern and Western Andes to the slopes of Cotopaxi volcano…




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Tren del Hielo II

Ambato – Urbina – Cevallos – Ambato


This train combines scenery, culture and shopping in a journey that takes us from the temperate valley of Ambato to the Paramo of Urbina, more than 4000 meters in the foothills of Chimborazo. There, Baltazar Ushca, the last Ice Merchant.


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