Explore the Northern Andes

They offer spectacular scenery and many wonders to explore, from the famous Otavalo market, skilled woodcarvers who keep the spectacular Quito School alive, diverse and ancient cuisine, Andean music that mingles with African American music, and bridges over cliffs and tunnels that pierce the bowels of the Andes. Fertile fields in the foothills of the Andes are combined with Andean peoples and dry forest while moving by train from temperate Otavalo towards warm Salinas de Ibarra.

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Tren de la Libertad I

Ibarra – Salinas – Ibarra


With seven tunnels dug with pick and shovel and bridges across steep canyons, the Tren de la Libertad offers a unique journey from Ibarra, the “White City” to the warm Salinas welcoming us to the tune of the “bomba”.


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Tren de la Libertad II

Otavalo – Salinas – Otavalo


Visit Imbabura, the most diverse province of Ecuador. From Otavalo, home of the country’s largest Indigenous market, to Salinas, where the culture and history of Afro-Ecuadorians is alive and present in its streets…


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