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The coastal plains are marked by mighty rivers like the Guayas, which advances from the Andes to the Gulf of Guayaquil, where its mouth creates the largest watershed of the Pacific coast of South America. The Guayas, among others, shapes life on these plains, since their floods create destruction or leave vital sediment for farmers over hundreds of kilometers. These lands are painted with endless banana, rice, and sugar cane plantations and imposing tropical forests that indicate the proximity of the formidable Andes.


Almost 3.800 years ago, these fertile plains were the cradle of the best cocoa on Earth. It traveled to Central America and later to Europe. Then, during the struggles for independence, it provided resources to local armies. Much later, thanks to the natural harbors, it would become the origin of the railway, because the parts, rails and machines came from US or Europe to the bustling port of Guayaquil.

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Tren de la Dulzura


Enjoy a day of adventure in Naranjito, reliving the railway history of Ecuador. From the comfort of your seat in a renovated convoy with air conditioning and bar service, discover the changing landscapes of the Coast…


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Tren Ecuador - Tren de la Dulzura Plus

Tren de la Dulzura Plus


Discover the classic haciendas in the Pacific coast. Enjoy an unforgettable experience in the countryside while you learn about farm animals and the traditional sugar cane harvest by the hand of the local “zafreros”!

(Temporarily suspended due to maintenance of the railway)


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Tren Ecuador - Tren del Cacao

Tren del Cacao


Discover the historical route that resemble the construction of the Trans-andean railway from the intense coastal plains to the majestic Andes while visiting the exclusive Hacienda La Danesa, established in 1870.

(Temporarily suspended due to maintenance of the railway)


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Costa – Sierra


The “impossible train” once joined the Coast and the Highlands, allowing the arrival of voices, colors and products from one extreme of the country to the other. Discover the hidden treasures along this journey.

(Temporarily suspended due to maintenance of the railway)


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