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The coast of Ecuador, with more than 1600km of beaches offers a changing landscape of dry forest, palm trees and high cliffs hiding secret coves and secluded beaches surrounded by lush vegetation. Bathed by the Pacific Ocean and with a warm tropical climate, our shores are the chosen destination for those in search of outdoors adventures all year round, particularly surfers.


Travelling inland, banana, tropical fruits, rice, sugar cane plantations and the finest cocoa bean in the world alternate with dry and cloud forests as we climb closer to the Andes.


The vibrant city of Guayaquil in the coast, the country’s largest, is the perfect starting point for our Tren Crucero “Train to The Clouds” service, or to take a few days at the end of “Train of Wonders” and enjoy our extensions to Cuenca or Otavalo.


Rain season, from january to may offers sunny mornings and light rains in the afternoons. It’s the best time to visit southern and central coast. Dry season, from June to Dcembre is a bit cooler and cloudier, but if offers the best opportnties for whale watching, particularly in Machalilla National Park.


Seafood cooked in cocoa, banana or green plantain are the highlights of this very original cuisine, absolutely different form the rest of Ecuador in its variety, seasoning, and ingredients.

“Ecuador Highlights by TrenEcuador” in the Pacific Coast



Guayaquil is the largest city and port of Ecuador. Although it has been rebuilt due to historical and natural events, you can still find places full of colonial flavor, like Barrio las Peñas. You cannot miss a stroll along the Malecon, the 2.5km boardwalk by Guayas river, where you can find historical attractions, shopping centers, gardens, restaurants and movie theaters.



This small town has become the Surfing capital of Ecuador, attracting professional and amateurs from all over the world all year round thanks to its perfect waves up to 8.2 feet. La Punta is one of the most renowned places, a coral reef south of town, famous for its ecologic lodges, small beach hotels, casual restaurants, shops and animated nightlife.



The home of the largest Afro Ecuadorian community in the country and located in the northern pacific coast of Ecuador, this province is famous for its unique cuisine and its vibrant and colorful cultural expressions, including the Marimba, besides its endless beaches.

Whale Watching


Humpback whale watching season stretches from June to October. Almost every fishermen’s village along the coast offers guided tours, but we advise to choose a Ministry of Tourism certified operator for safety and security. Do not miss a trip to Isla de la Plata, known as “Little Galapagos”; this small island only 23 miles off the coast offers a good glimpse of the wildlife to be found in the famed archipelago.

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